الجمعة، 31 يوليو 2015

PM Demands Timetable On Chilcot Iraq Inquiry

David Cameron has issued a fresh call for a timetable making clear when the Chilcot report into the origins of the war in Iraq will be published.
The Prime Minister told reporters during his recent Asia trip that he wanted to see the report "as soon as possible", adding: "Right now I want a timetable".
He said: "More important than anything is thinking of the parents who lost loved ones in Iraq."
Mr Cameron spoke of meeting a woman earlier this year, who had lost her son near Basra in 2007.
"The most powerful conversation I've had about this was a mother who said to me at the Staffordshire Arboretum, when we were commemorating the Bastion Memorial Wall for Afghanistan was just, you know, it's the parents and the families who want answers.
"And for their sake, as well as for the sake of the public, we've got to get on with this.
"I can't make it go faster because it's a public inquiry and it's independent, but i do want a timetable and i think we deserve one pretty soon."
Sky News Political Correspondent Sophy Ridge says the Iraq war is still a “very controversial subject” in Westminster.
That controversy extends to the role played by former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who was in power when Britain went into Iraq in 2003.
She said Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn was asked if Blair should be tried for war crimes and he replied: “If he’s committed a war crime, yes. Everyone who has committed a war crime should be.”
In July the chairman of the inquiry into what took Britain to war in Iraq in 2003 was still unable to say when the report would be released.
Sir John Chilcot has said the inquiry is making "significant progress" but he could not yet set out a timetable, further frustrating No 10's attempts to hasten the publication.
The head of the Civil Service Sir Jeremy Heywood said he had repeatedly offered to help with the process in an attempt to speed up the release of the report, which was set up in 2009 and has cost the taxpayer £10.3m.
In a letter to the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, Sir John says the inquiry is making progress through Maxwellisation, which gives those criticised in the report the right to respond.
Tony Blair has dismissed suggestions that he is responsible for the delays.
He said for six years "those who served in Iraq or lost loved ones in the conflict have been awaiting your work".

الخميس، 30 يوليو 2015

What Happens If Jeremy Corbyn Wins?

Veteran Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn seems to be stealing the march on his Labour leadership rivals.
This week he has been out campaigning and so far has had supporters rallying out on the streets of London and crowds out in Leeds as he presents his 2020 Vision for Britain.
In it he has set out his plans for the North to combat George Osborne's "Northern Powerhouse" - essential for bringing back some of that core Labour support that deserted under Ed Miliband.
His team is getting ever slicker and his campaign is gathering momentum. Polls have put him in the lead - by some way.
So if team Corbyn triumphs come 12 September, what could happen?
1) The Labour Party splits
There have been threats that a Corbyn victory would lead to a 1980s-style spilt within Labour - the right of the party potentially joining with the Lib Dems or forming their own party.
While many frontbenchers such as shadow chancellor Chuka Umunna, shadow defence secretary Vernon Coaker and shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper have said they would refuse to serve under him, a spilt seems unlikely.
If Mr Corbyn, receives a large share of the membership vote, he will have a mandate.
Labour is a tribal party and Liz Kendall may well have summed up that loyalty when she said she could no more leave the Labour party than "her own family".
2) The party shifts significantly to the Left
Often described as a left-wing militant, Mr Corbyn will certainly put radical socialist ideals at the core of the Labour Party.
Mr Corbyn opposes continued austerity, arguing for higher levels of public spending, nationalisation of the railways and opposes renewing Trident.
He also wants the removal of the £93bn worth of corporate tax relief and subsidies. 
On his rivals, he says: "They are not offering a clear enough alternative on the economic strategy and austerity, and our attitude to welfare expenditure."
3) More control by the Unions
It was the unions wot won it.
If Mr Corby wins, the unions will have played a significant part in his victory, he currently has the backing of the RMT, ASLEF, Unison and the UK’s largest union Unite.
Unite said Mr Corbyn won its backing "in recognition that his policies were most closely aligned with those of Unite".
And while the unions are expected to have less influence on this year's contest, because the party has moved to a one member, one vote system for choosing its leader, having signed up tens of thousands of members, their support could prove crucial.

الأربعاء، 29 يوليو 2015

Calais Crisis: Smugglers Put Up Prices For UK

Tighter security around Calais has prompted criminal gangs to charge even more to take migrants through to the UK, Sky News has learned.
Prices have risen sharply in recent days according to an aid volunteer who works every day with those living in the makeshift town nicknamed "The Jungle" on the edge of Calais.
Maya Konforti has helped people there seven days a week for the past 18 months.
She told Sky News: "It makes the smuggler's day. People don't realise that the harder the border is to cross, the more the smuggling rings develop, find ways to cross, and they increase their prices.
"Two months ago they were paying €500 (£351) for people to open a truck and to close the door on them and choosing their truck. Now it has gone to €800 (£562) or €1,100 (£772)."
Fortified fences, extra sniffer dogs and enhanced surveillance equipment are now in the process of being installed in northern France, particularly around the Eurotunnel terminal just outside Calais.
Ms Konforti, who works with the aid group l'Auberge des Migrants, added: "If they keep on building fences we are going to see more deaths ... people still take more risks.
"Calais is like a pressure cooker with the heat on high underneath. If you close the pressure like when you do with fences, all you do is make it explode ... It is clearly not the way to just close borders."
Prime Minister David Cameron, who is currently away on holiday, has warned that the struggle to hold back people trying to enter the UK illegally from northern France may go on for the rest of the summer.
The Government has announced new measures designed to put off would-be asylum seekers, including threatening landlords who fail to evict migrants who do not have the right to live in Britain with a prison sentence of up to five years.
On Monday, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond insisted the Government has a grip on the crisis, as he promised 100 security guards will be sent to Calais.

الثلاثاء، 28 يوليو 2015

Osborne Pulls Trigger On £2bn RBS Share Sale

George Osborne has unveiled plans for a £2bn sale of taxpayers' shareholding in Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) in a symbolic moment that will crystallise a substantial loss on the stake.
Confirming widespread expectations that he would begin the processing of selling the shares this week, the Treasury said after the stock market closed on Monday that it would sell a 5.2% stake in RBS to City investors.
Directors of UK Financial Investments (UKFI), the agency which manages the state's 79% stake in RBS, held talks on Monday to sanction the move.
Details of the price obtained in the share sale will be disclosed on Tuesday morning, but bankers working on the deal were said to be confident of achieving a price of between 325p and 330p, representing a modest discount to RBS’s closing share price on Monday.
Investment bankers from Citi, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and UBS are working on the process, known as an accelerated book-build.
A disposal of RBS shares will contain huge resonance in the City, coming nearly seven years after the bank was rescued with more than £45bn of taxpayers' money.
The bailout took place at an average ‘in-price’ of 502p, but the Chancellor said in June that he was no longer prepared to wait for the bank’s shares to recover to that level before beginning the sale process.
Labour warned Mr Osborne against a summer sale of shares in RBS, arguing that it is not "an impossible objective" to recoup the public's investment if a disposal is delayed.
Speaking to Sky News, Chris Leslie, the shadow chancellor, said the Treasury's "haste" would need to be justified if it began selling the Government's stake ahead of a multibillion pound settlement with US regulators for mis-selling securities before the financial crisis.
Mr Leslie said he found it difficult to understand the sense of urgency with RBS shares trading so far below the taxpayers' 'in price' of 502p.
"The Chancellor will need to justify his haste if he sells off a chunk of RBS before the US settlement and when the market is less liquid.
"Taxpayers want their money back and I just don't believe this is an impossible objective," he said.
"Why this rush to sell when the share price is so far below that paid at the time of the rescue? RBS had to be bailed out urgently, but it doesn’t have to be sold off at the same speed."
Mr Osborne announced in his Budget last month that he would offload at least £2bn of the bank's shares by next April.
A Treasury spokesman said: “UK Financial Investments (UKFI) today advised the Chancellor it would be appropriate to conduct the first sale of the Government’s shareholding in the Royal Bank of Scotland. The Chancellor agrees with that advice and has authorised the process to begin.
“The government set out its objectives for its shareholdings in the banks in the Chancellor’s annual Mansion House speech in June 2013 – getting the best value for the taxpayer, maximising support for the economy and restoring them to private ownership – and as set out in that address, the government will only conclude a sale if these objectives are met.
“In his Mansion House speech in June this year, the Chancellor announced his intention to start returning RBS to the private sector in the coming months, following advice from the Governor of the Bank of England.”
Last week, RBS unveiled a half-year loss after taking a string of charges for mis-selling and restructuring, and signalled that dividend payments would not restart until 2017 at the earliest.
Mr Osborne is determined to head off criticism about the sale of an initial tranche of RBS shares at a loss.
In a report he commissioned from Rothschild, the investment bank, his advisers concluded that disposing of the taxpayer's entire stake in the bank would crystallise a £7bn loss if fees paid to the Treasury since 2008 were taken into account.
They added, however, that the Government could make an overall profit of £14bn from its bank rescues, which included the emergency bailouts of Bradford & Bingley, Lloyds Banking Group and Northern Rock.
That view was immediately challenged by Andrew Tyrie, the Treasury Select Committee chairman, who argued that the projected surplus did not include the cost of financing the acquisitions.
"The start of a sale programme can send a strong signal that the bank is making strong progress in its restructuring and is well on the way to recovery," Rothschild said in its report recommending that the Chancellor kicks off the sale.
"Any residual impression amongst investors that the bank may not be run for purely commercial purposes is likely to evaporate very quickly".

الاثنين، 27 يوليو 2015

Britain Extends Air Strikes On Islamic State

Britain will extend air strikes by RAF Tornados against the Islamic State by an extra year, the UK defence secretary has said.
Michael Fallon has announced that 12 (Bomber) Squadron will continue in service until March 2017.
He said the British jets had helped Iraqi forces on the ground to push militants out of key towns.
"RAF Tornados have carried out hundreds of strikes, helping Iraqi forces push back ISIL from the Kurdish region and out of key towns such as Tikrit and Bayji," he said.
"We want to ensure we maintain this crucial operational tempo and so we will extend the lifetime of Number 12 Squadron for a further year to March 2017.
"This will allow us to sustain our effort, helping the Iraqis lead the fight on the ground."
Speaking during a visit to Baghdad, Mr Fallon said the extension would ensure the RAF retained "the essential precision firepower, intelligence and surveillance" capabilities needed for operations against IS.
The decision was welcomed by the head of the RAF, Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Pulford.
"It is clear that the requirement for fast jet precision strike and intelligence gathering shows no sign of diminishing," he said.
The GR4s, operating out of RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, are equipped with precision-guided Paveway bombs and Brimstone missiles.
They can also be fitted with Raptor reconnaissance pods for carrying out surveillance and intelligence gathering missions.
Together with the RAF's unmanned Reaper drones, also operating in the region, they have flown more than 1,100 combat missions over Iraq.
They have carried out more than 250 air strikes.
During his visit to Baghdad, Mr Fallon held talks with Prime Minister Haider al Abadi and other senior Iraqi government figures.

الأحد، 26 يوليو 2015

Mass Inhalation Of Laughing Gas At Parliament

Protesters inhaled laughing gas outside Parliament to show their opposition to a proposed law on psychoactive substances.
The mass inhalation of nitrous oxide was to protest against the Government's plans to crack down on legal highs.
Some of the protesters erupted into giggles before spreading out across the lawn.
Figures suggest laughing gas is the fourth most used drug in the UK and that 400,000 used it in 2013-14.
Although conventionally used as an anaesthetic during dentistry and child birth and as an aid in the manufacture of whipped cream, the substance can be used as a mood enhancer.
The cause of death of a teenager that had been linked to laughing gas was last week deemed "inconclusive" after a post-mortem.
But the Government wants to include it in a bill that will make it illegal to sell any "psychoactive substances" other than alcohol, caffeine and nicotine.
It comes after several other deaths have been linked to so-called legal highs - drugs that produce a psychoactive response but are not currently classified under the UK's drug rating system.
While possession will remain legal so long as there is no intent to supply, the bill could mean up to seven years in prison for people who provide drugs to others.
The director of the Psychedelic Society, which organised the laughing gas protest, says it is not the job of the Government to tell people what they can and cannot use.
Stephen Reid told Sky News: "This is intended to make a serious point about the bill and the huge infringement of liberty that entails and about the fact that this bill is going to do more harm than good.
"It's going to make it harder for people to access education, it's not going to reduce the number of people taking these things and the sensible solution has to be legal regulation of these drugs."
Professor David Nutt, former drugs tsar and professor of neuropsychopharmacology, said: "It's probably one of the safest recreational substances there has ever been.
"It's been used for over 200 years, largely as an analgesic, a pain killer. It's been used by writers like Coleridge and philosophers like James to get insights into the brain and now it's being used by young people as an alternative to alcohol on the grounds that it's a lot safer than alcohol and a lot shorter acting.
"So this desire to ban it is rather bizarre really."
Addiction therapist Sarah Graham, however, said that it was a potentially addictive drug that needed to be controlled.
She told Sky News: "We do need this psychoactive substances bill because we can have a blanket ban and take down the internet sites and stop them being marketed at young people and so that the police can take some action because this has become a really big problem." 

Where Are Holidays Cheapest As Pound Soars?

British tourists finally have something to be grateful for after delays in Kent and strike action in France as the soaring pound has pushed down the price of holidaying in the eurozone.
Holidays to the 19 eurozone countries are now nearly 12% cheaper than they were at this time last year, after the value of the euro plummeted. 
Given that the average Briton takes around £450 of spending money on holiday, this equates to a currency cost saving of over £50 for those heading to Spain, France or Italy this summer.
The euro fell below 70p for the first time in eight years on 16 July, making travelling to Europe cheaper than at any other time over the last eight years.
For holidaymakers heading to Turkey the gain is even greater, with holidays costing 20% less than they did in August last year.
The Turkish lira fell victim to the political uncertainty associated with its domestic elections this year together with concerns surrounding its neighbour, Syria. 
And for those really looking for a bargain there is no better place to go than the Ukraine where the currency, the Hryvnia, has weakened nearly 75% against sterling following sanctions imposed by Russia. 
For tourists heading to Orlando or Geneva this summer, however, the news is less positive. A strengthening US dollar and Swiss franc means holidays to these areas will cost 7% and 1% more respectively, from a currency perspective that is.
The Swiss franc has had a tumultuous year following the central bank's decision in January to  scrap a three-year-old cap on the franc. The cap had meant that the Swiss franc could not strengthen beyond the 1.20 level against the euro, but when this was dropped it surged to parity against the euro.
And the strong pound is not good news for everyone.
A report by the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) this morning showed that the UK is set to miss the Government’s target of hitting £1tn worth of exports by 2020 by 14 years.
A strong pound makes UK exports more expensive which in turn means sales volumes decline.
The UK is the number two exporter of services in the world, behind only the US, but both regulatory and language barriers are curtailing further growth according the the BCC. 
The BCC's survey also highlighted service export hot spots for the next five years. In addition to the usual destinations of Germany, France and the US, the BCC believe China and the United Arab Emirates will become key customers for the UK's professional services.
Finally, the relative strength of the pound may dampen the Bank of England's enthusiasm for an early interest rate rise. Any rise would send the pound further north so it would be in Mark Carney's interest to carefully consider the export implications of such a rise.

الجمعة، 24 يوليو 2015

US 'Spied On Japanese Government And Firms'

Major companies and senior politicians in Japan have been spied on by the US, according to Wikileaks.
In newly-released documents Wikileaks listed 35 telephone numbers that were targeted by the National Security Agency (NSA) for interception.
Wikileaks said the surveillance lasted for eight years, and demonstrates "the depth of US surveillance of the Japanese government".
The conversations of government ministers - including discussions on trade, climate change policy and nuclear talks - were allegedly scooped up by the US.
Bank of Japan officials were also targeted, Wikileaks said, as well as car firm Mitsubishi and white goods company Matsui.
The information gleaned was shared with the so-called Five Eyes group of Australia, Canada, the UK and New Zealand, Wikileaks added.
In a statement Wikileaks editor Julian Assange said: "In these documents we see the Japanese government worrying in private about how much or how little to tell the United States, in order to prevent undermining of its climate change proposal or its diplomatic relationship.
"And yet we now know that the United States heard everything and read everything, and was passing around the deliberations of Japanese leadership to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK.
"The lesson for Japan is this: do not expect a global surveillance superpower to act with honour or respect. There is only one rule: there are no rules."
Japan and the US have not commented.

Hitchhiking Robot's US Tour Ended By Vandals

A hitchhiking robot which relied on the kindness of strangers has had its tour of the US cruelly cut short – after someone in Philadelphia damaged it beyond repair.
HitchBOT, who had successfully managed to travel across Canada and parts of Europe, began its latest epic journey in Massachusetts on 17 July.
With a sign taped to its head that read "San Francisco or bust", the immobile robot was designed to be a social experiment - with a smile on its face and its thumbs skyward.
Although it managed to enjoy a Red Sox game, and even take a trip out to sea - both accomplishments on the robot's bucket list - researchers who were tracking hitchBOT using GPS were emailed a photograph of the robot after it had been vandalised.
The robot is usually passed between travellers, or left in a visible place for passers-by to give the child-sized machine a lift.
It was fitted with a camera to take a photograph of its adventure every 20 minutes - and could even engage in limited conversation with its travel companions, offering random factoids to keep them entertained.
During a recent stint of Europe, hitchBOT attended a Comic Con event, a wedding, spent a week with a heavy metal band… and even had its portrait painted.
Frauke Zeller, hitchBOT's co-creator, said: "Sadly, sadly it's come to an end. I hope that people won't be too disappointed, too sad."

الأربعاء، 22 يوليو 2015

Like! Mark Zuckerberg Set To Become A Father

Mark Zuckerberg has opened up about the heartbreaking miscarriages suffered by his wife after revealing he is now going to be a dad.
The Facebook founder and CEO told his 33 million "friends" that wife Priscilla is expecting a baby girl.
He claims his little girl even gave a thumbs-up reminiscent of a Facebook 'like' during the latest scan.
The man who helped bring photo-sharing to the masses also posted a snap with Priscilla, whose bump is clearly visible.
"Priscilla and I have some exciting news: we're expecting a baby girl!" the 31-year-old wrote.
But the multi-billionaire also revealed the couple had endured three miscarriages.
Zuckerberg said they wanted to share their story to help others who do not feel they can talk to anyone.
"You feel so hopeful when you learn you're going to have a child," he wrote.
"You start imagining who they'll become and dreaming of hopes for their future. You start making plans, and then they're gone. It's a lonely experience.
"Most people don't discuss miscarriages because you worry your problems will distance you or reflect upon you - as if you're defective or did something to cause this. So you struggle on your own.
"When we started talking to our friends, we realised how frequently this happened - that many people we knew had similar issues and that nearly all had healthy children after all.
"We hope that sharing our experience will give more people the same hope we felt and will help more people feel comfortable sharing their stories as well.
"Our good news is that our pregnancy is now far enough along that the risk of loss is very low and we are very hopeful."
The couple married in 2010 after meeting at university seven years earlier.
Zuckerberg added: "Cilla and our child are both healthy, I'm extremely excited to meet her and our dog Beast has no idea what's coming.
"In our ultrasound, she even gave me a thumbs up 'like' with her hand, so I'm already convinced she takes after me.
"We're looking forward to welcoming her into the world and sharing more soon when she's ready to come out and meet everyone!"

الثلاثاء، 21 يوليو 2015

Facebook Unveils Solar Drone With Internet Laser

Facebook has revealed details of a solar-powered plane it hopes will bring high-speed internet access to remote corners of the world using lasers.
The unmanned aircraft has a huge wingspan similar to a Boeing 737 but it weighs less than a car and the company claims it can remain airborne for months at a time.
Named 'Aquila' the drone is part of the company's ambitious internet.org project to deliver high speed internet connectivity to hundreds-of-millions of people in far flung parts of the world.
Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg said: "We've successfully tested a new laser that can transmit data at 10 gigabits per second.
"That's ten times faster than any previous system, and it can accurately connect with a point the size of a dime from more than 10 miles away.
"This effort is important because 10% of the world's population lives in areas without existing internet infrastructure. To affordably connect everyone, we need to build completely new technologies.”
The company said they would work with UK engineers from a company with a historic legacy in long-distance solar-powered flight.
A statement issued by Facebook said: "Our team has many of the world's leading experts in aerospace and communications technology, including from NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab and Ames Research Center.
"Today we are also bringing on key members of the team from Ascenta, a small UK-based company whose founders created early versions of Zephyr, which became the world’s longest flying solar-powered unmanned aircraft."
It comes as Google pursues Project Loon, its own mission to bring Wi-Fi to remote countries using giant 'loon balloons' said to be able to stay aloft for 100 days at a time.

الاثنين، 20 يوليو 2015

Friend App Creator Says Facebook Bullied Him

A man who developed an app to alert people when someone unfriended them on Facebook says he was bullied by the social network which wanted it shut down.
Anthony Kuske created Who Deleted Me which worked by comparing a user's Facebook friends list over time and looking for which friends no longer appeared.
However instead of using Facebook's API - an official pipeline to access the site's data - he automated the process using his own programme, which is against Facebook rules.
But he was shocked by Facebook's response to what appeared to be a minor rule break.
He said the site told him his app was "illegal and must be stopped immediately", adding that it breached federal and state laws in the US.
His personal Facebook account, as well as that of a friend who was not involved in Who Deleted Me, were both shut down.
When he did regain access to his account, he was barred from liking, commenting, tagging or receiving messages, he said.
Mr Kuske, from Kent, has now been banned from using Facebook's APIs forever, despite winding down and closing his app.
At its peak the iOS app topped Apple's online store.
In a blog post he wrote: "As time goes on, I'm getting more certain that I was actually doing nothing wrong and Facebook just bullied me into shutting Who Deleted Me down.
"It’s pretty scary when this huge company start threatening you with legal action."
Sky News has approached Facebook for comment.

الأحد، 19 يوليو 2015

Cilla Black Died From Stroke After Fall

Cilla Black died of a stroke after falling and hitting her head at her Spanish villa, her sons have confirmed.
The 72-year-old was sunbathing on her private terrace at her villa in Estepona when she got up, lost her balance and fell.
A post-mortem examination revealed she was knocked unconscious and died of a stroke.
She would not have suffered, a family statement added.
Black's three sons say they are "devastated by the sad loss of our mother".
They said: "We have been deeply touched by all the kind messages of support from her friends, fans, the public and media.
"We would like to thank everyone, especially the people of Liverpool. The tributes and condolences have really helped us through these difficult times.
"The Spanish authorities have now told us we are able to bring Mum home, which we hope to do as quickly as possible. We would also like to thank all those involved for their assistance with this matter. We respectfully request for our continued privacy to grieve."
Funeral details have yet to be released.

Obama Wants Supercomputer That Can Mimic Brain

US President Barack Obama has signed an executive order to create the world's first exaflop supercomputer.
The machine would be more than 30 times faster than today's fastest supercomputer, reaching exascale speeds which are defined as a billion billion calculations per second.
The US energy, defence and science departments will team up on the project, to create super powerful computers for use by NASA, the FBI and the Department for Homeland Security.
An exascale computer would be so advanced that it would be capable of mimicking the human brain.
An exaflop is equivalent to around 1,000 petaflops.
The US currently has the second fastest supercomputer, located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory which runs at 17.6 petaflops.
China's Tianhe-2 is the world leader, running at 33.86 petaflops.
Earlier this year Intel won a $200m contract from the US government to build a 180-petaflops computer by 2018.
Supercomputers are useful for everything from modelling drug effects to predicting the consequences of climate change.
The US currently has more supercomputers in the top 500 list, but lawmakers are concerned that the country could fall behind China.

السبت، 18 يوليو 2015

Zayn Malik Calls Off Engagement - Reports

Former One Direction star Zayn Malik has reportedly called off his engagement to pop singer Perrie Edwards.
The 22-year-old, who quit the group in March, saying he wanted to feel "normal", has left his now-ex-fiancee devastated, according to People magazine.
A source said: "She's been putting on a brave face as Little Mix (Edwards' band) have had promotion to do but she's obviously devastated."
The two first met in 2011, dating a year later and becoming engaged in August 2013.
Their relationship appeared to be in trouble when Malik was pictured in a close embrace with Lauren Richardson in March, although both have always denied anything happenedAs recently as Edwards' 22nd birthday on 10 July, when Malik whisked her away for a romantic break, however, things between the two seemed fine.
But Malik is understood to have contacted Edwards two weeks ago to end their relationship.
"Perrie's being supported by her bandmates, but she's really in pieces about this," the source added.
Malik and Edwards are both in Los Angeles but are believed to have stayed away from each other since the break-up, and she has now taken off her diamond engagement ring, according to an Instagram post by her bandmate Jesy Nelson.
Malik's representative has not commented on the news and Malik's twitter account gives no clues. His last tweet - "morning" - on 2 August gained 121,000 re-tweets and 171,000 favourites.
Edwards' agent has also declined to comment.

الجمعة، 17 يوليو 2015

No Autographs Or Gifts For Cumberbatch As Hamlet

A theatre in London is putting in extra measures to cope with an expected influx of Benedict Cumberbatch's dedicated fans as he takes to the stage as Hamlet this week.
The Sherlock star's run of shows at the Barbican has become one of the most hotly anticipated performances in recent years.
Tickets have already sold out but theatre staff are expecting crowds of the actor's fans, known as Cumberbitches, to turn up at the theatre from Wednesday.
A spokeswoman said they have put plans in place to make sure people queuing for tickets will be safe and comfortable.
But adoring fans have been warned that waiting outside the Stage Door will not reward them with a moment with the actor.
"We are advising all ticket holders that Benedict Cumberbatch won't be able to sign autographs afterwards and that our staff can't accept deliveries at Stage Door or Box Office," the spokeswoman told Sky News.
Cumberbatch stars alongside Sian Brooke as Ophelia and Ciaran Hinds as Claudius in Lyndsey Turner's production which will run for 12 weeks until 31 October.
It is thought some fans are flying from as far away as New Zealand, where Cumberbatch filmed The Hobbit, to see him on stage.
Sky News approached his representative for a comment about how he is feeling ahead of the show but was told he is "too busy rehearsing".
Thirty £10 day tickets will be available for each performance which will be sold from the advance ticket desk in the Barbican Centre from 10.30am every day.
There may also be returned or late release tickets available on the day of the performance.
In 2012 Cumberbatch told the Daily Telegraph he had been "interested" in the role of the Danish Prince for a while.
He follows in the footsteps of many other British actors including David Tennant, Jude Law and Simon Russell Beale.